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Ny hotely manadino no manadino indrindra mety hamela charger sy adaptatera

LONDON, Angletera - Ny Choice Hotels Europe androany dia nanambara ny valin'ny fanadihadiana pan-Eoropeana momba ny fahazarana vahiny.

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LONDON, Angletera - Choice Hotels Europe androany dia nanambara ny valin'ny fanadihadiana tany Eropa sy Eropa momba ny fahazarana nasaina. Mpitantana jeneraly miisa 130 mahery sy mpiasan'ny birao avy amin'ny hotely marika marika Choice any UK, Italia, France ary Alemana no nandray anjara tamin'ny fanadihadiana mba hametrahana, ankoatry ny zavatra hafa, ny fanadinoan'ny vahiny, ny fanarahana ny politika eco sy ny safidin'ny fitaterana.

The survey revealed that electronic chargers and adaptors (68%) are the most frequent accidentally left behind item in Choice-brand properties across Europe followed by clothes or shoes (21%), reading materials (8%) and spectacles (7%). More unusual items to be left include artificial legs, false eyes and dental appliances. One hotel in France found a guest had left a cooker and dogs have been left behind in hotel rooms in UK, Germany and Italy, but not France.

When it comes to respecting the eco policy of using the same towel over a two or three night stay very few were compliant. 39% of respondents believed that fewer than 5% of their guests complied with the policy although 19% believed that between a quarter and half of all guests staying at their hotel in an average week held on to their towels for two to three nights.

According to the survey, travelling habits to Choice brand properties vary. After the car, train is the most popular mode of transport when travelling to a Choice-brand property in Europe with 56% of guests arriving this way, followed by bus (23%). Travellers in Germany differ from the main European trend as their second choice of transport after train is coach which is used by 30% of guests.

Ny fanadihadiana ihany koa dia nanambara fa ny fahazarana misotro dite dia mbola malaza any Angletera miaraka amin'ireo 65% mahery amin'ireo valinteny milaza fa eo anelanelan'ny 25% sy 75% amin'ny vahiny rehetra no misafidy misotro dite amin'ny sakafo maraina fa tsy kafe.

Duncan Berry, CEO UK, Choice Hotels Europe said: “Our survey reveals the trends hoteliers are seeing at their properties across Europe and gives an insight into guest behaviours and expectations. We will incorporate this valuable intelligence into the regular review of our programmes, processes and amenities as we strive to offer the best possible experience for business and leisure travellers at our nearly 500 hotels across Europe.”

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