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Copa Airlines dia mamerina ny sidina avy any Panama mankany Bahamas amin'ny 5 Jona 2021

The passengers who do not fit this profile, including people who have received vaccines other than those mentioned, will also be welcomed in The Bahamas by submitting a negative PCR-RT COVID-19 test taken up to five days before their trip, in addition to applying online for their Health Visa, and completing the daily health questionnaire. Passengers staying in The Bahamas for more than four (4) nights and five (5) days must also have a quick COVID-19 antigen test at an authorized medical center, which also includes many hotels on the Islands.

The Bahamas is an archipelago-country with 700 islands and 2,000 cays worldwide known for the beauty of its white beaches and turquoise hues of its waters, which can be distinguished from space. It offers countless accommodation options, from large five-star resorts with casinos, multiple restaurants with the most varied cuisine from all corners of the world, luxury shops of renowned brands, water parks, golf courses, among other activities, all-inclusive resorts, private villas, small hotels to private islands with all the comforts of a beach resort.

There is an experience for every type of traveler, from the largest casinos in the Caribbean, spectacular golf courses that host international tournaments, multiple options to enjoy water activities, water parks, speedboat rides, luxury yachts, fishing, swimming with dolphins, sea lions or for the more adventurous with manta-rays or sharks.  There are also opportunities to get to know the culture, gastronomy, music, etc. of this wonderful paradise.

Couples, whether on honeymoon, to perform their wedding at destination or on holidays, will find privacy and dream scenarios with beaches of endless white sands and crystal-clear waters.

Copa Airlines dia mamerina ny sidina avy any Panama mankany Bahamas amin'ny 5 Jona 2021

The Bahamas follows a strict health and safety protocol to minimize the risks of COVID-19 spreading among visitors and residents. Entry requirements require a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test performed five days before the trip and the Bahamas Travel Health Visa obtained online. More up-to-date information on the requirements for entry into Las Bahamas is available at .

For flight information to Nassau, Bahamas, with Copa Airlines, visit:

Momba an'i Bahamas

With over 700 islands, 2,000 cays, and 16 unique island-destinations, The Bahamas is just 80.4 kms off the coast of Florida, offering an easy getaway that transports travelers out of their daily routine. The Bahamas Islands feature fishing, diving, spectacular boating and thousands of miles of the most spectacular waters and beaches on earth waiting for families, couples and adventurers. Explore all that the islands have to offer on na ao amin'ny Facebook, YouTube or Instagram mahita maninona… It’s better in The Bahamas!

Vaovao misimisy momba an'i The Bahamas

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