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WYSE Travel Confederation dia nanambara ireo mpandresy tamin'ny Award Global Youth Travel 2018


Outstanding contributors in the youth and student travel industry were celebrated during the 2018 Global Youth Travel Awards.

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Outstanding contributors in the youth and student travel industry were celebrated on Friday, September 21, during the 2018 Global Youth Travel Awards (GYTA). Winners of the 14 GYTA award categories, including 10 nominated and four consumer-voted awards, were announced at a gala dinner during the 2018 World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This year’s judges chose from an extremely high caliber of entries, including very competitive submissions in two of our newest categories: Best Social Space in a Hostel and Best Sustainable Tour Operator.

WYSE Travel Confederation’s Director General said the quality of entries for these categories demonstrates a very clear stance to not only meet the changing needs of young people, but also the very urgent and pressing needs of society and the environment.

David Chapman said, “The entries received for this iteration of the awards were outstanding and really demonstrated the exceptional initiatives and innovative ideas currently occurring in the realm of youth travel.”

The 2018 Global Youth Travel Award winners are:

Nominated Categories:

Best Education Abroad Provider: Greenheart International
Best Marketing Campaign: Tourism Australia
Best Social Responsibility Initiative: G Adventures
Best Social Space in a Hostel: Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
Best Sustainable Tour Operator: G Adventures
Best Travel Safety Initiative: Travello App
Best Travel Tech Product: CultureMee
Extraordinary Experience: SAVE Foundation
Outstanding Volunteer Project: Global Vision International
Best Work Experience Provider: Peterpans Travel Group

Consumer-voted categories:

Best Youth Travel Accommodation: Generator Hostels
Best Youth Travel Agent: StudentUniverse
Best Youth Travel Airline: Qatar Airways
Best Youth Tour Operator: Rustic Pathway

View the list of winners with entry descriptions and company logos Eto.

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